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Housing e-Learning Network

A new approach to e-learning in the social housing sector

The Housing e-Learning Network is continuously working with leading names in Social Housing to produce a catalogue of e-learning courses which are tailored to the unique needs of the Housing Association and Social Housing sector.

For this reason you don't have to worry about keeping your employees or tenants up to date with the latest regulations, since as a member of the Housing e-Learning Network you will get updated courses automatically.


Membership is for companies who wish to distribute their courses on their own Learning Management Systems and utilise other benefits such as mobile learning, bespoke development, and access to our library of pre-defined courses.

The prices are indicative of a company with 50 trainees, substantial discounts are given for larger numbers, contact for a quote.

  • Bronze

  • £49 / year

  • 4 x Courses per Year
  • Open Elms Pro
  • E-mail Assistance
  • 30 days money back
  • Silver

  • £79 / year

  • 8 x Courses per Year
  • Open Elms Pro
  • E-mail Assistance
  • 30 days money back
  • Gold

  • £99 / year

  • 12 x Courses per Year
  • Open Elms Pro
  • E-mail Assistance
  • 30 days money back
  • Platinum

  • £149 / year

  • 40 x courses (growing)
  • Unlimited Commissioning of Membership Courses
  • Personalised Login
  • Jackdaw Cloud Authoring CMS Version
  • Open Elms Pro
  • or Export to LMS
  • E-mail Assistance
  • Unlimited New general courses
  • 1 GB Storage
  • 30 days money back


Any courses can also be purchased separately for £30 per year for a hosted solution.

Flexibility: Internet or Intranet?

Any Housing e-Learning Network courses can be purchased for installation on your company intranet or run over the internet off Housing e-Learning Network's servers with a customised home page for your organisation. Alternatively they can be downloaded onto your in-house Learning Management System if one exists.

Contact else call 0118 902 6825 today. We can accept credit cards or payment by invoice.

Start Your Training Today

Once the payment has been accepted you will immediately be allocated an account in our Training Management System, and you will be able start your training right away.

Browse our e-learning course list to immediately purchase courses else for further information.