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A Case Study of Places for People


Places for People are one of the largest property management, development and regeneration companies in the UK. They own or manage 61,978 homes and have assets of more than £3 billion.

Places for People are key members of the Housing e-Learning Network. As with any Platinum Member organisation, we work closely with their Learning and Development, HR and H&S teams to produce e-learning aimed at the unique needs of the Social Housing sector.


Off the Shelf e-Learning

As Platinum members, Places for People have unlimited access to all our courses. The courses used by the Housing Association list vary, covering topics as diverse as Health and Safety, to the latest industry news.

What is great about the Housing E-Learinng Network courses is that the content is bang up to date. The two-way communication we have with the network ensures that even before any housing legislation goes live, new law changes are reflected in the e-learning. It is the only e-learning system we now need.

author2Jason Turner Head of OD, Places for People
Visit the link to review all the courses available with Platinum membership.
Course Commissioning

Places for People is a fast moving business. Often with new legislation, revised procedures or simply a new company initiative there is the need to deploy new training courses rapidly across the organisation.

Places for People regularly meet with development teams from the Housing E-Learning Network to suggest new courses and convert off-line training material to e-Learning. New courses are then produced that will benefit all Housing E-Learning Network members.

To date the Housing E-Learning Network has developed at zero cost the following e-learning courses, from consultations with Places for People:

The Housing e-Learning Network continues to work for all our customers, adding new courses at a rate of at least one per month , and often more.

e-learning induction


Part of the platinum service for clients with over 100 employees is to provide a free e-learning induction program for the client. We have posted the course here to preview.

Further information about the development of the induction can be found by looking at the induction case study.

e-learning jackdaw


All courses can be edited at any time after delivery without needing to pay any additional customisation charges.

Text changes are simply typed into the system using Jackdaw CMS (the free CMS system supplied with the Platinum edition.) Changes to the overall branding and look and feel can also be made using the software.

E-Learning Network's Learning Management System


The e-Learning is hosted on the Housing E-Learning Network's Learning Management System which is customised for each Platinum Member Organisation.

The e-Learning can be hosted internally on any standards compliant LMS, hosting it externally however enables Places for People to outsource any IT support issues as part of the platinum package, thereby saving them time and money.

Study into e-Learning Effectiveness

Places for People carried out an internal study into the effectiveness of the e-learning courses supplied as part of their Platinum Membership.

The results were pleasing with 98% of respondents reporting a positive response to understanding the learning goals.

Want to know more...?

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