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Membership - One Stop Solution


Membership is a revolutionary new concept in e-learning. Membership enables you to source all your e-learning needs to one supplier, no additional payments, fees etc. Its like having an entire e-learning department attending to your every need, including designer, developers, project management and support.

Membership includes the following:

e-learning courses online

e-Learning Courses - a choice of over 50 off-the-shelf e-learning courses (register for instant access). The number of courses is growing monthly. Courses are branded for each member organization.

e-learning membership service from e-learning WMB

free e-learning web bespoke e-learning development service

FREE bespoke development - a new course is developed every year up to 1 hour long and if the course has a general application for all our members we will develop more.

e-learning membership includes CMS and LMS

e-Learning CMS system Jackdaw from e-learning WMB

Jackdaw - e-learning Content Development Software that enables your employees to develop company specific e-learning and customize any generic course.

e-learning membership

Open Elms e-Learning Management System from e-Learning WMB

Open Elms Pro - Corporate business focused Learning Management System (this can be hosted with a customized login page) or installed on your own servers.

e-learning membership service with free bespoke development

Frequently asked Questions

How many courses can I develop?

The Platinum Membership Service also allows the development of an unlimited number of e-learning courses would be relevant to our entire membership. The service also includes the free customisation and filming of an induction course and the option of an on-site Intranet Installation (minimum 50 users for free induction course)..

What is the course development process?

The course development follows the process of branding, scripting, design and review. A step by step guide to this methodology can be found here.

How many courses are currently available already with membership?

New courses are becoming available all the time at the rate of two per month. A full list of courses can be found on the site but the total is currently over 40..

What other software do I need?

Nothing, zilch, nada, zip. Your entire organization will NOT NEED any other development software such as Captivate, Flash, Photoshop, Articulate etc. e-Learning WMB will provide everything you need to commission, produce and run e-learning that is far more interactive and intuitive than that produce by these standard tools.

Can I produce IPhone and Android Apps too?

It is relatively easy to save any of our standard or bespoke courses as a smartphone App. A small surcharge per course will be levied on the client for the administration of the publishing process. Contact to discuss your m-learning requirements.

What other companies do we work with?

Housing ELN work with 2 of the 3 largest Social Housing providers in the UK, as well as many other organisations of varying sizes; the learning content comes from our members and we can draw on the knowledge of thousands of subject matter experts to continually review the course content..

How effective is the e-Learning?

In a recent study of over a hundred e-learning respondents, 99% said they felt they understood the e-learning after completing it. This is a step change from traditional e-learning which tends to have an effective rating of between 50-70%. Contact for a copy of the white paper or a corporate reference for the study.

What is 3D e-Learning?

3D e-learning is as close to chalk-and-talk learning without setting room in a classroom. e-Learning WMB use green screen filming and 3D modeling to produce learning environments that produce REALLY EFFECTIVE e-learning.

How much can I expect to save?

Consider how much you spend per year on software, hosting, development, support and then divide that amongst your total number of employees. If that figure comes out greater than £6/$9 then you will save money regardless of the increase in quality you will experience.

Membership costs between £5-£99 depending upon the number of users. Contact with your number of users for a quote.

How good is the software?

In a recent survey of 500 Learning Management Systems, Open Elms came in the top 20 and was voted the best business focused Learning Management System.

The e-Learning Centre in the UK said that they thought the development software - Jackdaw- was market leading. The software recently won the prestigious Brandon Hall for Rapid Authoring.

We can let you decide, but we think our unique approach combining ergonomics with out of the box thinking makes our systems both innovative, effective and very easy to use. See and for further information.

Members Area

If you are a new member or would like to simply find out more about how membership works then you can check out our members area.

Next Step

e-Learning WMB are happy to meet with you to take you through the entire offering and answer any questions you may have. We can also give you access to our courses and systems to trial them out.

Contact Head of Design, Emil Reisser-Weston MSc MEng (, to arrange an appointment.