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All e-learning from One Supplier

The Housing e-Learning Network provides bespoke e-learning, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Content Management Systems (CMS) and LCMS

Where does the buck stop?

"e-Learning" is an all embracing term for a number of services and products which are gathered together to enable an organisation to train it's employees online.

This then leads to these e-learning systems, services and courses being purchased from a number of separate suppliers. These include:

  • Learning Management System Vendors - who provide the data management systems for tracking and managing the employee data (e.g. Moodle, SAP, Totara etc.)
  • e-Learning Development Software - used to create rapid e-learning in-house (e.g. Captivate, Articulate etc.)
  • Content Management Systems - used to edit the Learning Management System environment and keep the content up to date (Drupal, Wordpress etc.)
  • Bespoke e-learning development - software companies produce training programs to meet the unique needs to the organisation (Epic, Redtray etc.)
  • Off-the-shelf e-learning courses - these are courses which companies can purchase off-the-shelf to quickly meet their training needs.

The issue with obtaining services and products from a number of different suppliers is that there is an issue where each of these meet. Theoretically there should be no problem as all e-Learning is built to a standard called SCORM (most commonly version 1.2) which should allow each of these elements to "talk to each other". In practice however things never run so smoothly, a slight change in the standard's interpretation can lead to compatibility errors. Invariably one supplier blames the other (most LMS vendors are not authors of their system so can be totally inflexible) and responsibility passes around like a used tissue resulting in a disappointing experience for the client.

At The Housing e-Learning Network this will never be your experience as we do it all - and do it well. Whether you are taking our all encompassing Membership service or just buying an off-the-shelf course, you can be safe in the knowledge that we are owner-authors of all the systems we sell and as such are able to respond to any inquiry with confidence.

Choose The Housing e-Learning Network and the buck stops firmly with us.