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How to Add Adobe Flash e-Learning to Mobile

  • IPhone using Flash e-Learning

There is a perceived wisdom in e-learning from both developers, designers and managers alike that e-learning needs to be in HTML 5 to run on an Android or Apple IOS device. This is the overlying opinion of 99.9% of all people I speak to, which is a shame since it could not be further from the truth.

Firstly, Adobe Flash, despite the bad press given to it by Apple over the years, is a really good design tool. There is nothing that matches it for producing really quick and impressive animations. There are numerous designers working in e-learning who have learnt some really useful skills with the software and built up a library of assets which are now being threatened with the bin due to the march of HTML 5.

Well the good news is that Flash assets can still be used on mobile devices (search for e-learning on the app stores - 20% of the top 50 are made using Jackdaw Cloud with imported Flash elements.)

Jackdaw does this by using it's own engine interpretation engine which does not rely on the mobile device to run Adobe Flash.

So register with Jackdaw Flash and start importing your Flash assets. They will live again on your mobile device soon.

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