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Social Housing e-Learning Specialists

Membership of the Housing E-Learning Network gives your employees instant access to online Social Housing e-learning that has been created by and for some of the largest Housing Associations in the UK, ideally suited to the unique requirements in the social housing sector and a recently announced finalist in the Housing Innovation Awards for most innovative supplier.

David Schneider e-learning talk at the CIH show

The Housing E-Learning Network were at the Chartered Institute of Housing Show in Manchester 2014 on the Places for People stand.

We presented some example work produced with comedian and actor David Schneider. David demonstrated how he uses Comedy to get across the e-learning message.


Membership enables you to source all your e-learning needs to one supplier, no additional payments, fees etc. Its like having an entire e-learning department attending to your every need.

Editable Courses

Every one of our 60+ editable courses feature our unique "e-learning meets corporate video" design which really works. All e-learning has all been designed by our Social Housing providers membership.

Course Authoring

Author additional social housing courses for free with full membership. If we don't have the course you need, we will build it.

Mobile Learning

Over half of the top 50 tablet and smartphone e-learning Apps are built using our technology. Mobile now accounts for over 70% of internet access.

how we made an e-learning induction for social housing

How to put Avatars in your e-Learning

Head of e-Learning Emil Reisser-Weston and Claire Parkinson from Places for People presents a seminar, first shown at the Learning and Technologies Show in Olympia 2015, which for the first time is available as an interactive e-learning course.

Places for People (the largest Social Housing Provider in the UK) were determined that their induction course would look different from the standard e-learning project, employing techniques from TV and film to make the best first impression possible to its new employees. The organisation employed e-Learning WMB to produce an interactive induction course that features 3D e-learning and virtual learning worlds. The course also employed David Schneider’s writing and acting skills to add comedy to the e-learning and in the process make it truly engaging and memorable. The finished course is entertaining, informative and fun - if there is one e-learning course that will expand your view on what e-learning could look like, then this is it!

Claire will talk about her experiences in producing the induction with e-Learning WMB’s designers and how the organisation’s ideas were realised in the final course. e-Learning WMB’s managing director, Emil Reisser-Weston, will explain how the e-learning was made; expanding on the techniques used and explain how the same processes can be employed in your next e-learning course or App.

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e-Learning Courses

e-learning courses are growing at approximately 20 per year as the Housing E-Learning Network works with some of the largest Housing Associations and Social Housing providers in the UK to produce new e-learning, combining the best e-learning design with the most up to date Social Housing information providers in the UK.

The Housing E-Learning Network are happy to work with our members to produce e-learning that suits the unique needs of the Housing Association and Social Housing sector.

Up to 4 courses are included with the bronze membership fee, 8 with the Silver and 12 with Gold. The Platinum Service allows unlimited e-learning courses, free customisation and filming of an induction course and the option of an on-site Intranet Installation.

The courses may alternatively be purchased separately, prices start at £30 per person. All prices are discounted for multiple users. You can email for an instant quote for your e-learning requirements.

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e-learning WMB ties up with BBC writer and comedian David Schneider for bespoke e-learning development


Housing E-Learning Network will host your e-learning for you and set up a unique e-Learning portal which can exist on your intranet or online. If you are a Social Housing provider with your own Learning Management System, then you are also welcome to install all e-learning courses locally at no extra cost.

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Customisation of e-learning using Content Management System Jackdaw Cloud


All Housing E-Learning Network courses can be customised using the Jackdaw Cloud (Content Management System) which allows you to add to the e-learning provided. Any of the text, image or videos within each course can be amended to ideally suit your organisation.

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Why we are unique...?

The e-learning which the Housing E-Learning Network supplies is far in advance of anything currently available using video presenters and 3D presentations. Furthermore all courses have been designed to the unique demands of the Social Housing/Housing Association sector in conjunction with some of the largest names in the industry.

See our presentation which has been written using the same technology and standards that apply to our e-learning, that is closer to TV documentaries than the PowerPoint film-making of old.

Don't take our word for it, contact else call 0118 902 6825 and we can give you instant access to any or all of our courses immediately.

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